Fixtures of Czech Republic Football Team

Top ten things need to notice in the in international matches. Since the independence of Montenegro and formal recognition by FIFA, the national football team was confronted with Serbia side for the first time. A goalkeeper says that the football match is the biggest one in the country’s records. The football team scores same points after two football games, ranking the top of Group C4. To a certain extent, the result is the competitive edge in the pierce competition.

The Serbia squad’s strength is weak now for injuries of some footballers like Mladen Krstajic, while the captain, Nemanja Matic. One footballer said, “It’s probably that Matic would come and see all teammates for arrival of his boss.” Considering uncontrollable Matic’s movements in football pitches, some speculate that a young star from Serbia is possible to join them.

Recurrence of World-Cup Semi-Final

When confronting with Croatia national football team, footballers on the England squad may have revenge on their minds. They know all having happened at the World Cup this summer. So it’s a great opportunity to try and find themselves back. But the screwed lost to 6-0 to Spain leaves Croatia national football team to an embarrassing position in the first game in Group A4. It is difficult for England squad to flush the humiliation at the World Cup semi-final. What Gareth Southgate may concern about his team’s possession once again.

When all above factors tangled together in Moscow, the game was out of control while Croatia control the midfield and England squad was defeated by Spain. The manager may also hope Ross Barkley could drive the football club Chelsea to international arena. It has been two years since Barkley stopped playing for England side.

Slovakia VS Czech Republic Squad

Since FIFA’s publication of rankings, the Czech Republic national football team even dropped out of the top 30. Czech side have ranked the 2nd in 1999 and qualified for semi-finals in 2004. Such victories seem impossible for Czech national football team. Last month, Czech squad lost to Ukraine and Russia. The current manager is the former assistant of Karel Brückner’s spell, in which many honors have been won, and he also hope the team could regain its previous peak.

Silhavy argues that the former manager live a leisure life, and he often stay in garden to take care of his fauna and flora. All themes in life could be referred, including something on football. In 2006, both of them were in the dugout when Czech scored goals in Slovakia. Perhaps the guy is still interested in his garden.

Hope to Meet with Rivalries

A fixture between Germany and Netherlands is striking, and both of them are each other’s biggest enemy. But in the last 16 years, Netherlands national football team didn’t win the near-neighbors. But footballers on the Netherlands squad hope to win scores in the following fixtures.

2016-17 Czech Republic Away Jersey

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6     Classic design

7     Crewneck Collar

The predominately white football shirt is adorned with a crewneck collar, finishing whit navy blue stripes. Blue stripes are also printed on shoulder panels; Puma logo is also used to decorate the short sleeves. As the official manufacturer of Czech national football team, Puma improved their craftsmanship to enhance the comfort and feeling of footballers who wear the away football jersey on football pitch. For the sake of special character of polyester, the fabric is a kind of material to produce football shirts, which is benefit to wick excess perspiration and facilitate the evaporation process. The special fabric is durable, light-weight and comfortable, keeping wearers in a cool and dry status.

As you can see the above image, the 2016-17 Czech Republic away jersey is predominately white, matching with the red and blue details. The whole white away jersey is finished with subtle but exquisite finishing.

In 1901, the Czech Republic national football team was founded, representing the country in association football. The team is supervised by Football Association of the Czech Republic. Since the foundation of the football team, it has participated in FIFA and UEFA competitions as Bohemia, Austria-Hungary and Czechoslovakia, winning the second place at the 1934 and 1962 World Cups and winning the European Championship in 1976.

After failed to cut a striking figure at the European Championship, the Czech Republic national football team were confronted with World Cup qualification, as a team is Group 3 with the direction of the coach Petr Rada. In the first football game against Northern Ireland, following a poor sequences of football game against Poland. In the next football match against Slovenia, Czech Republic national football team won the only goal at the end of the match. Fortunately, the team also won the game against San Marino.

Red Czech Republic 2016-17 Home Jersey

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2014-15 Czech Republic Away Shirt

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Keywords of the 014-15 Czech Republic away football shirt are as follows:

  • Predominately white away kit color
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  • Red and blue piping
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  • Short sleeves
  • 100% polyester

The simple football shirt is provided by Puma, engineering with advanced technology. The color scheme consists of white, red and blue against the predominately white background, aiming to get points with the tri-colored Czech Republic flag. Each side of shirt is adorned with navy blue stripes. Similar decorative details also appeared in the design of collar; two red Puma logos and red plots are spliced on two short sleeves. Compared with the standard crew neck and polo neck, the stand-up V-shaped collar adds a hint of modernity into the pristine football kit.

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