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Ed Boullianne

On Sunday afternoon August 4th, 2002, I received word that my sister had died. During the call from my brother I asked, “How did this happen?” The short answer was that our older sister Michelle had suffered a massive heart attack while working as a home care nurse with an elderly couple. She had died by the time the paramedics arrived. Dead at the young age of 46, she left behind a husband and 12-year old son.

The longer version of how this happened took me years to discover. Devastated by my sister’s death and the effect it had on her extended family, I was determined to discover why so many Americans suffer from obesity and poor health. Knowing what I know now, I would have seen it coming, and hopefully would have been able to help prevent my sister’s inevitable downward spiral into obesity and poor health.

My own wake-up call came just two months later. Working as a career officer in the U.S. Navy, I was reviewing the results of my latest annual flight physical with my flight surgeon. Noticing that I had checked the box indicating that a sister or other female relative died before the age of 55, he inquired more closely into my family history. Concerned with my weight, blood pressure and cholesterol readings, he warned me outright, “Take positive steps to improve these numbers, or you will follow your sister into the grave.” I was 44 years old.

When the flight surgeon prescribed Zocor to lower my cholesterol, he also advised me to improve my overall health and lose some weight, although he didn’t tell me exactly how to do it. What followed was an incredible journey of frustration as I tried in desperation to lose weight. Using commercially available programs, I did lose 8-10 pounds, but always gained them back again. This generally occurred with the changing of the seasons, my circumstances at work, or simply because I got tired of doing the things required for losing weight.


I finally made a breakthrough when I decided, boldly perhaps, that I would figure this “weight loss thing” out for myself. Armed with the Internet, and critical thinking skills honed through years of flying jets for the Navy, I learned the fundamentals of how the human body works. I then used this knowledge to develop my practices for permanent weight loss. It was only after I took ownership of the weight loss process that I realized I could be successful. I have shared this information with seminar audiences and have been pleased to hear the results of so many success stories.

This book is the product of all I have learned. Permanent weight loss is a realistic goal for all of us once we realize that the weight loss process can’t be outsourced.